Requiem: a table clock with an 8-day movement designed in partnership with Kostas Metaxas. This limited edition takes its inspiration from the shape of a human skull and displays the time in the sockets of the eye.

The Skull represents for artists time elapsing. The symbolism of the eye being artistically considered as a representation of the flying time, and the numbers have been wisely positioned on two discs appearing into the eye cavities, substituting this way the eyes, or at least making them be spectators of time going by.


Helix is comprised of 148 hand-assembled pieces. With a movement made entirely from brass, Helix is a creation of refined lines and an ethereal futuristic design. The casing materials are die-cast, before the parts are slotted together, one by one, with the movement in the middle. Mechanical clockmaking enthusiasts will appreciate the technical properties of this carriage clock, which pays tribute to Swiss horology.

Its dimensions (110x175x100mm) make this a chic and exclusive object.
The Helix carriage clock was worked from an ethereal and exceptionally modern angle. The lines of the object and its defined structure make it a very avant-garde piece. Above all, Kostas Metaxas wanted to play with the perception of the technology enhancing his work.

Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden presents a more classic design and echoes the genesis of life thanks to its name and floral decoration. This carriage clock resembles a complex flower whose innermost beauty remains hidden until the doors are opened, revealing an ultra-sophisticated clock mechanism. The lines of Garden of Eden are intended simply to tell the beautiful story of life; a most poetic allusion to the creation of humankind, to the beginning and to the renewal of a genre.

Garden of Eden is the fruit of laser-cutting work, also used to create the floral decoration of the case. Comprised of 167 hand-assembled pieces, the clock is available in a golden or nickel-plated finish. This model also features a chased finish, which gives it a subtle sophistication.