Haute Creation:

The S.T. Dupont “HELIX” is a radical departure from the work of other artists featured in S.T. Dupont past collections  including  Picasso, Warhol and, Lagerfeld.

According to artist Kostas MetaxasThe main idea was to use geometric patterns and shapes that could never be considered for pen manufacturing since pens are traditionally machined on a spinning lathe and hence, shapes are limited to “tubes”. I wanted to break free from this and create a very personal sculpture that could also be used as a writing instrument.

Haute Creation

Viracocha is the great creator deity in the pre-Inca and Inca mythology in the Andes region of South America. Viracocha was one of the most important deities in the Inca pantheon and seen as the creator of all things, or the substance from which all things are created, and intimately associated with the sea.

Viracocha created the universe, sun, moon, and stars, time (by commanding the sun to move over the sky and civilization itself]. Viracocha was worshipped as god of the sun and of storms. He was represented as wearing the sun for a crown, with thunderbolts in his hands, and tears descending from his eyes as rain.

Haute Creation
Lucky 8

The idea behind the "skeleton series" of writing instruments, starting with the "Lucky 8" was to transform the usually solid barrel and cap of a fountain or rollerball pen, into a three dimensional sculpture which allows me to explore new and interesting ways of aesthetically dealing with this very personal object.

The Lucky 8 is also part of a subseries of the "Skeleton Pen" project, called "Casino" which can become a collection based on playing card themes. The Lucky 8 is the first because 8 is the also the symbol for infinity and therefore, very lucky in many cultures.

Haute Creation:

The most important aspect of the tantric path is to ‘use the result as the Path’; which means that rather than placing full enlightenment as a goal far away in the future, one identifies with the indivisible three vajras that is, the enlightened body, speech and mind of a Buddha.

Tantra is limited to persons whose compassion is so great that they cannot bear to spend unnecessary time in attaining Buddhahood, as they want to be a supreme source of help and happiness for others quickly.

Haute Creation
Skull Joker

Created by the great Kostas Metaxas, the Mythic Skull is a continuation of the "skeleton series" from the Maison. The symbolism of snake and skull in Mexican mythology is a timeless message of impermanence. More specifically, the symbolic meaning of skull and snake imagery deals with the human saga of conquering death only to discover the only option is to surrender to life.

An elegant and contemporary collection that combines the unique know-how of Maison S.T. Dupont and the designs of Kostas Metaxas symbolizing the "Art of New Luxury". It consists of a writing instrument or a lighter in yellow gold.