From late 2003 after returning from London & New York I embarked on a very ambitious project - to create my own library of reference recordings which could be used to create the ultimate playback system. Here are free samples of Hi-Rez wav files of these concerts.

Concerts recorded in 2003

Recorded with stock Stellavox SM8, pair of B&K 4133s

1. Xenia Hanusiak


2.Adam Simmons - Ivanhoe Grammar

3. Adam Simmons - Footscray Basement

4. Adam Simmons - Bennett's Lane

Replaced the BASS ROLL-OFF toggle switch on the SM8 with a 3-position gain switch which adjusts the gain of the input mic preamp. This replaces the 2 X rotary transformer gain switches on the top panel of the SM8 which kill the sound if activated [sound becomes flat and "airless"].

Concerts recorded in 2004

1. KATE NEAL[Upstairs 3PBS]

2. MACQUARIE TRIO [Melba Hall] Wednesday 17th March

3. BLISSFULLY BACH [Assembly Hall] Friday 19th March 8pm

Concerts which I started using standard SM8 [Basf 468 tape] and also SP8 modified to SM8 [Quantegy GP9 tape] by JP Gurtner of Stellavox Switzerland, and started to alternate between B&K 4133 & 4135 capsules.

4. Sultan Khan [Paton Hill] Thursday 25 March

Replace all the cables with my ENOSIS wires - more 3D imaging, bigger soundstage

5. Autumn Fantasy [BMW EDGE] Andrew McGregor Saturday 3rd april

6. FOOD OF LOVE [St Marks] Saturday 18th April 3pm

7. Nina Ferro in Concert[National Theatre] Saturday 24th April 8pm

8. The Spirit of Anzac [Melbourne Town Hall] Sunday 25th April 5pm

Started to use 4135 in preference to more sensitive 4133. I found that the 4135 had much better width & depth of soundstage dynamic headroom [because of it's lower output] so it didn't overload the SM8 mic preamps, particularly with loud transients which are notorious in Jazz [trumpets in particular]. The trade-off was the higher noise-floor. I wasn't entirely happy with the "tonal" trade-off, so I reserved judgement.


9- Andrea Keller [Czech House]

10- Erik Griswold [Chapel off Chapel] Sunday 9th May

11- Pascal Schumacher [Ormond Hall] Tuesday 11th May

12- Morrison Chindamo [Malvern Town Hall] Thursday 13th May

13- Grabowski / Aron Ottignon [Malvern Town Hall] Friday 14th May

14- Tim Ries/Aaron Choulai [Malvern Town Hall] Saturday 15th May

15- Interprotato Sunday 16th May TRADES HALL

16- Adam Simmon's Toy Band Sunday 16th May TRADES HALL

17. Wendy Morrison {Footscray Basement]

Replaced the BEYER input transformer with a LUNDAHL - now I could hear that the "tonal" issue, was more related to the BEYER, and the soundstage became deeper, wider, with more detailing in space.

18. IRISH EYES Bhan Tre [Assembly Hall] Friday 11th June 8pm

19. Last Night of the Proms Sunday 13th June 5pm

20. Balmain Sinfonia [Newman College, Sydney] Sun June 27

Read some copy[www] about Tim de Paravicini's work on Tape Recorders, and how the "record" electronics were usually much better than the playback electronics, and so I looked into this with my SM8 and realized that the "passive" equalization on both sides, was limited by the quality of the "monolithic ceramic capacitors" used. So I replaced these with a "blend" of polystyrenes and the sound quality improved dramatically - images in space, which were previously a little "hazy" now became absolutely holographic and 3D. Much more inner detailing, and harmonic texture. All these improvements were easily discernible with the 4135 mikes. The difference bwteeen the 4135 and 4133 now became even more significant. I was able to go back and redub earlier concerts with the new playback capacitors to obtain an improvement - MUCH sweeter sound.

21. Magnificent Mozart [Assembly Hall] ACP Friday 16th/Saturday 17th July

22. Appolonian [Black Box Theatre] august 6th

23. The Planets/Beethoven MYO [IWAKI] Saturday 7th August

24. A Night at the Opera [National Theatre] Lyric Opera Saturday 14th August

25. Transcendant Beauty [St Marks] Past Echoes Sunday 22nd August

26. LMR1 , Lloyd Webber Requiem 2 , Opening Sequence STARS [St Patricks] Melb Uni Choral Society/Anti Cancer Council Friday 27th August 8pm

27. Aaron Choulai [Bennett's Lane] Sunday, 291 Aug 2004

28. Adam Simmons [Incinerator] Thursday 2nd September 29. Paul capsis [Her Majesty's Theatre] Sat 4th September

30. Viva Vivaldi ACP Friday 10th September

31. e21 Stephen GRANT - Iwaki AUDITORIUM Wednesday 15th September

32. Fritz Hauser-Speak Percussion [Assembly Hall] Saturday 2nd October

33. Fritz Hauser-Speak Percussion , The Flames,Tears,Stones...[BMW EDGE] Tuesday 5th October

34. ST JOHN CHRYSOSTOM friday 8th october

35. MAHLER / DEBUSSY /ROSSINI MYO [IWAKI] Saturday 9th October


37. DIANE PETERS & KATE NEAL Wednesday 3rd November at 9.00pm, 45 Downstairs, 45 Flinders Lane.

38. Australian String Quartet [Baptist Church] Tuesday 16th November

39. HALEY - Eva Cassidy revival Sunday 14th November

JAZZ At the BMW EDGE Sunday November 21st

40-Anita Hustas Trio

41-Aaron Choulai Trio

42-Phil Gelbach Ensemble

43-Andrea Keller

44-Adam Simmons

The latest and hopefully final changes to the SM8 [and AMI48] modules which improves the inner detailing another level again, and takes the level of sonics to an incredible transparency. This, I'm hoping is the final change. Now feel that it's time to offer these upgrades and new modules to other STELLAVOX users.

45. Tak�cs Quartet [GRAMMY AWARD WINNING} the Arts Centre, Hamer Hall Melbourne, Victoria 8:15 PM Monday 6 December 2004

46. Johanna Selleck [Melba Hall] Friday 10th December

47. HANDEL'S MESSIAH [Melbourne Town Hall] Sunday 19th December